Considerations of an above ground pool

Are you dreaming of floating around in the pool all summer with a cold drink in your hand, in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard, but don’t have a pool? Now you can make this your summer reality with an above ground pool.

Above ground pools have become increasingly popular as a cost effective alternative to an in-ground pool and are ideal in backyards with limited space, and for their impermanent structure. Now, there’s a whole range of above ground pools available to suit different uses, levels of maintenance, and structural needs.

A popular family style is the fully aboveground pool, which is supported by steel frames and holds PVC walls, or other durable materials, which usually support a great capacity of water. They come in varying shapes to fit awkward spaces. Splasher pools are typically shallow, easy to erect and quick to fill with water, making them a very low maintenance and cost effective oasis for kids to have fun for hours on end this summer. Or for something a little more heavy duty, a portable pool is a great option and can be installed above ground, partially or completely in-ground.

Poolside - Considerations of an above ground pool

While they require significantly less maintenance, splasher and portable pools usually have lesser quality pumps and filters to save on cost. Because of this, it is vital to manage the water for quality and hygiene by regularly speaking to a professional about what chemicals, and needs are recommended for your pool. Why not give the experts a call at your local BioGuard Poolside store.

Other things to consider are if you’d prefer a salt water system, and filter. Apart from the small splasher pools, your pool will likely need a filter system. Other accessories to think about is a pool liner (ground cloth) to avoid slipping on the surface, a pool cover for winter and summer, a solar blanket and lights, in-built ladders or rails and cleaning tools including a skimmer, water quality tester and automatic pool cleaners.

Go and buy your new swimsuit because you’ll be living your Caribbean dream, from your own back yard in no time!


Poolside - Considerations of an above ground pool

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