How to choose a pool cleaner

Choosing a pool cleaner can seem confusing, but understanding the type of pool you have and how it will be used, can make the decision simpler.

The size, depth and finish of a pool can affect the type of cleaner that will best suit your needs.

Pool cleaners are a significant part of your pool management regime. They don’t just clean debris; they also protect your pool and potentially reduce the need for expensive repairs.

The automatic cleaning options include suction cleaners which rely on the pool’s pump for their power, and robotic cleaners, which are self-contained units that move around the pool and require electricity.

Questions to ask when buying a cleaner include whether it can cope with different pool shapes, surfaces and sizes; and which cleaner better suits my equipment system.

When you have chosen a cleaner, make sure the hose reaches from one end of the pool to the other and also has a little extra length.

Hayward automatic cleaners are highly energy-efficient and offer optimal cleaning performance that allows you to keep your pool sparkling with less effort.

The Phoenix® takes on all pool terrains. Its robust design ensures reliability. It has three easily interchangeable throats for different flow and debris conditions, and this also allows it to be used with variable-speed pumps.

The Phoenix’s patented tyre treads also provide superior climbing power.

The Aqua Vac® 500 robotic cleaner is the most advanced portable cleaner available. It scrubs, vacuum pool floor, coves, walls and waterline with computer efficiency. It calculates the size of the pool and programs itself to navigate the most time and energy-efficient pattern. Its on-board pump sucks up dirt and debris while roving the pool.

Until 16 January 2016 you have a chance to win one of seven Phoenix pool cleaners. To follow us on Facebook, go to To enter the competition to win one of 7 Hayward Phoenix pool cleaners, simply click on the Win a Pool Cleaner tab and fill out the entry form.

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