Small pools for confined spaces

Do you have unused space in your backyard, or is your courtyard lacking luxury? How about that carport full of household items you never use? Why not maximise your space, with a small pool for maximum appeal, and have your own summer sanctuary at home!

Increasingly, as suburbia expands, smaller outdoor living spaces are becoming the norm and we need to make the most of what space we have. To add a sense of tranquillity and luxury to your courtyard, a small plunge pool is an impressive touch, and you may be surprised at what awkward spaces a small pool can fit into. Like a normal sized pool, you can custom the tiles, and depth to personalise the aesthetics.

Poolside - Small pools for confined spaces


For your small pool, choose from a number of comfort seat designs, personalised pool colours and swim and spa jets.

Lap pools are ideal for narrow spaces that usually run the length of your property, like unused carports. Personalised hydrotherapy pools have become popular due to their cost effectiveness and convenience of having a therapeutic facility within the comfort of your own home.

Small pools are also ideal for people who don’t have the time to maintain a traditional garden; instead, a well planned and efficient pool only requires minimal maintenance throughout the year. They are also economic to run because they require less energy for heating and filtering. For a family with young children, a small pool can provide entertainment, with little effort and expenditure. The quintessential Australian backyard is about family, friends and relaxation, so why not create your very own outdoor oasis this summer!


Poolside - Small pools for confined spaces

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