Swim free with BioGuard

There’s nothing better than the shimmering water of a swimming pool on a hot day – unless it’s a year’s worth of free chemicals to keep it looking that way.

BioGuard Australia and New Zealand is offering seven lucky winners the chance to win $1000RRP worth of products from its range of pool chemicals. If you keep your pool well maintained, that’s more than a year covered!

BioGuard has maintenance programs for all types of pools. Each one gives you simple, step-by-step instructions to keep your pool healthy and sparkling with a minimum of fuss.

Following a maintenance program is the best way to protect your investment and make sure you can swim whenever you want. If you let things get away from you, algae could lead to a murky green pool that will be considerably more costly and time-consuming to restore.

The BioGuard 3-step program couldn’t be easier. You start with sanitiser to kill bacteria, then add oxidiser for crystal-clear water, then algaecide to prevent the growth of algae. Just a few minutes a week and you’re good to go.

BioGuard retailers also offer you professional water analysis and help you with any pool problems. It’s a good idea to take in a water sample once a month for testing.

To make sure you are in the running, go to our Facebook page and complete the entry form. While you’re there you can find beautiful pools and tips to keep your own pool looking its best. You can also post a question for our experts.

Entries open on 1 February 2016 and close at 11.59pm on 30 March 2016. The winners will be drawn and notified on 6 April 2016.

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