Swimming Pool Myths – Busted!

There are plenty of swimming pool myths floating around, and we know that when it comes to your pool – you want the facts. So, here at BioGuard, we took the liberty of debunking those myths.

From now on, feel free to refer to us as the BioGuard Mythbusters!

Waiting an Hour to Swim After Eating

As children, we all remember being told by our parents that we had to wait the excruciatingly long hour after eating before we were allowed back in the water.

Was it fair that our Mum stopped us from dive-bombing into the pool straight after scoffing hot chips? The truth of the matter is when your stomach is digesting food more blood does travel to your stomach to aid digestion, meaning there’s less blood flowing to your other muscles. So if you do tire out those muscles, you can run the risk of getting a cramp.

So, there is some truth to the nagging. The likelihood of getting a cramp, however, is unlikely. To get the best of both worlds, try eating a lighter meal and avoid undertaking strenuous swimming straight after eating. Your body will require less energy to digest your meal, meaning you can safely splash around!

If I Can Smell The Chlorine, I’ve Added Too Much!

It may seem counterintuitive, but this myth means the opposite! The purpose of adding chlorine to pool water is to kill the bacteria living in the water. After shocking your pool, the chlorine attaches to the unwanted wastes and creates chloramines.

The chloramines then gas off and are released into the air. It’s this release that causes you to smell chlorine. Meaning when you can smell it, the chlorine is no longer doing its job in the water, and more chlorine needs to be added! There you go ladies and gentlemen – myth busted! To keep your pool bacteria and algae free, we recommend using BioGuard Power Chlor.

Chlorine Will Turn My Blonde Hair Green!

We’re sick of chlorine getting a bad rap. It’s not the chlorine that causes blonde hair to turn green – it’s, in fact, the copper in your water! Some algaecides are copper-based, and the oxidised metal in the water can attach to your hair and turn it green! If this happens to you – don’t stress! You can treat it with a shampoo that removes the colour from your hair or you can apply conditioner to your hair before you swim.

Clear Water = A Healthy Pool

While we do love a sparkly pool, it’s not a sure-fire sign that your pool is healthy! It’s all about having the perfect chemistry. It’s vital, therefore, that you test your pool water at least once a week (we recommend three times!) Being vigilant when it comes to your pool water, will prevent the build-up of nasty bacteria.

To keep on top of your water chemistry, we recommend using the BioLab Professional Pool Testing Kit. Now you’re armed with the facts!

Chlorine Burns Your Eyes When You Open Them Underwater

Poor chlorine it’s such a misunderstood chemical! If your eyes are stinging while swimming, it’s most likely due to an unbalanced pH level in the water. At BioGuard, we recommend checking your pH level around three times a week. This level needs to sit at around 7.5 on a pH scale of 0-14. A perfectly balanced pool will prevent any irritation. To test your pool, we recommend using BioGuard Balance Pak 100. Myth no longer!

Not all heroes wear capes! Here at BioGuard, we know your time is precious, so we don’t want you wasting it with silly myths! We urge you to pay it forward and the next time you hear one of these myths bandied about – you set the record straight!

If you have any questions about your pool maintenance, don’t hesitate to visit your closest BioGuard Approved retailer.

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