Green Pool Fix

Bill from BioGuard explains and undertakes the process of bringing a green pool back to life, with BioGuard products!

Poolside - Need Help With Your Pool?

Need help with your pool?

Whether you’ve just put in a pool, or had one for years, BioGuard Poolside can help you look after it. Only BioGuard gives you a unique combination of knowledgeable advice and the most advanced pool care technology and products. Together, we make taking care of your pool easy. We offer maintenance programs for all types of pools. With each program you get simple, step-by-step instructions designed to give you what every pool owner wants – healthy, sparkling clear, and algae free water, with a minimum of fuss. Our regular service programs deliver healthy, sparkling pool water and allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool or spa.

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Our Products

For your pool

We’ve got products for all kinds of salt water and fresh water pool care requirements. Whether you’ve just put in a pool, or had one for years, we can help you look after it.

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For your spa

Spa maintenance is important and easy, that’s why we're here to tell you how BioGuard SPA products can help keep your spa in top condition, so it can do the same for you.

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If you’ve ever wanted to be one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading edge pool stores, now is the perfect time to dive in. BioGuard Poolside is rapidly expanding our world-class pool and spa retail network and we want to work with you!

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