Dryden Aqua - Activated Filter Media (AFM) & DAISY

DAISY® (Dryden Aqua Integrated System) is an ecological and sustainable water treatment solution which prevents bacterial growth in your swimming pool. DAISY® can significantly lower the cost of water treatment, enhances water clarity, and provides a healthy swimming experience for all!

DAISY® consists of 3 integrated steps :

Step 1 : Filtration with Activated Filter Media (AFM®)

A direct replacement for sand and crushed glass, it improves filtration and eliminates all breeding ground on which bacteria can grow. AFM has been independently tested and proven to double the performance of sand filters and outperform all other media on the market. AFM can be used on its own or with APF and ACO.

AFM Grade 3 Coarse 2-4mm
AFM ng 2 Grades


Step 2 : Coagulation + Flocculation with APF®

Removes dissolved pollutants and all vital nutrients that feed bacteria.


Step 3 : Increased Oxidation with ACO®

Non-cyanuric acid stabilizer and catalytic oxidizer that harnesses the natural energy of the sun’s UV light.

Download information brochure – AFM (4 pgs)

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Download SDS:  AU-ACO  /  AU-APF  /  NZ-ACO  /  NZ-APF