ProGuard® is designed for commercial pools and service professionals and features a full line of water maintenance products, specifically for commercial and residential service use. Each product has high-performance characteristics that ensure water remains sparkling clear with fewer issues to fix later.

Why choose ProGuard?

Because we make it easy to be good at what you do.

ProGuard is the commercial pool and service professional’s choice for consistently reliable pool care products that take the hassle out of pool service. That’s because ProGuard offers commercial pools and service professionals a complete range of convenient and cost-effective products plus a simple, direct way of doing business that allows everyone to be successful and profitable.

Our products are specifically formulated to keep pools clear, inviting, and free from algae and bacteria growth – ProGuard features a full line of water maintenance products from algaecides to a variety of sanitisers, oxidisers and water balance chemicals.

Take a look at what we have to offer and see why ProGuard should be part of your pool arsenal to meet the needs of your commercial pool and service customers. You owe it to yourself to discover the many ways ProGuard can benefit your overall performance.

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