5 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Pool Pump

A pool pump is the heart of your pool. The purpose of your pool pump is to suck water from the pool, which goes through a filter and is pumped back into the pool once clean. It makes sense that, like a car engine, a healthy pool pump means a healthy pool, and better swimming conditions for your friends and family to enjoy.

Maintaining a pool pump in prime condition does require year round servicing, but with these easy steps, it will become second nature.

  1. Moisture and lubrication are important for a fully functioning pump, even in the off-season. Moisture leaks from seals or pipe joints and these need to be repaired to prevent bearing failure and external damage. It’s always best to keep the motor itself, dry. Also ensure your bearings are permanently lubricated to avoid the motor overheating, which can cause critical failure of the whole system.
  2. Air circulation around the motor is essential for optimal operation. Even if you have a pool pump cover, make sure there is enough ventilation and free airflow around the pump, to cool the motor.
  3. Cleaning the internal mechanics of the pump shouldn’t be a problem if your pump is protected from the elements. However, you can use a clean paintbrush or dust broom to brush away buildup from the vents. For surfaces and the motor, use a damp cloth to wipe, but avoid direct moisture on the motor (flooding can cause permanent damage). Clean basket and filter regularly to avoid debris buildup.
  4. Consider shelter. These days there are plenty of shelters to box away the pool pump, filters and fixtures for a tidier look, as well as aiding protection for your pump. Opt for a material that is rust and rot proof, and with a lockable hatch so it’s pet and kids-safe. Depending on space available, you can choose from transportable pump boxes, small sheds and sheltered covers, but remember to ensure there is always ample ventilation. Keep your pool chemicals well away from the pump as the fumes can corrode the internal part of the motor.
  5. You’ve done a great job looking after your pump so keep it up! We recommend seeking a yearly checkup by a professional, just to make sure everything is in order, and running as it should be. The best time to do this is in spring, right before peak use, so you can guarantee friends and family a safe swim.

For more tips or advice pop into your local BioGuard Poolside store and have a chat with a professional today.

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