How to complete the perfect spa, just add lights!

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An outdoor spa is a fantastic addition to any backyard, especially if you’re looking to utilise a small space. Your house will quickly become a favourite amongst friends, because what’s better than relaxing in a hot bubbly spa? One of the biggest advantages of owning an outdoor spa is that you’re free to soak whenever you want – even when the sun goes down! In fact, a spa gets even better after dark, so you’ll want to ensure your outdoor lighting is on point.

If landscaping isn’t one of your secret talents, we’ve got you covered with some bright ideas for lighting around your spa!

Highlight the landscape, not the spa

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Do you know what’s better than an evening spent soaking in your spa? Doing so while admiring your beautifully illuminated garden! Use light fixtures to artistically light the trees, shrubs or bushes that surround your spa. Tall trees look stunning when you install a globe with a narrow beam spread, and another with a wider beam spread, as the light penetrates high in the tree and also softly accentuates the leaves and branches. Make your garden beds twinkle with small LED lights nestled amongst the plants. Doing this will create an indulgent atmosphere around your spa.

Light the way

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If there’s a paved pathway to your spa, it’s always a good idea to light it up. Doing this will not only keep it safe for all bathers (wet surfaces and darkness spells disaster!), but it will add an inviting ambience to your backyard. Using low lumen lights gives off just enough glow to see by, while still retaining the relaxing mood. Ideally, install a light switch by the door, so you can turn on these lights before you head outside.

Sustainable solution

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If you’re committed to lowering your environmental impact and baulk at the thought of a massive energy bill, then solar lights are the perfect low-cost solution. Add solar lights around the perimeter of your spa and along any pathways. They will recharge from sunlight during the day, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. There are also portable options on the market if you don’t want to pay for an electrician to install them.

String lights

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Hanging string lights around your spa is an easy option, and they add a magical touch to your backyard. They’re also easy to install yourself, and with a variety of string lights on the market, including solar powered, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative! For safety reasons, we recommend hanging lights around your spa and not directly over it.

Deck lighting

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If your spa is on a deck, installing lights will give it the wow factor! Set the mood for your evening soak with in-built deck lighting. There are plenty of low voltage options, and installing them even in just the corners of the deck is an effective way to create a relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can add LED cable lights around the edging and any deck steps to cast a lovely glow.

Whether you install a flashing light show or string up a few fairy lights, lighting is the perfect way to transform your spa area and turn your backyard into an oasis!

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