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In the lead up to winter, can you think of anything better than plunging into a hot, bubbly spa? Relaxing in your spa is a brilliant winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. However, with great fun comes great responsibility. At BioGuard, we want you to enjoy your spa safely, especially when little ones are involved. We’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide to spa safety so that you can help keep everyone safe.


Like a pool, all spas must be surrounded by a permanent safety barrier. The best way to do this is by constructing fencing around your spa. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the fence is well maintained, has no gaps and is at least 1.2 metres high*.  Any gates need to swing outward and be self-closing and latching.

It’s also a good idea to ensure there is nothing nearby that can be used to easily climb the fence, like pot plants or garden furniture.

Hard Covers

A great way to reduce the danger of your spa is to use a hardcover when it’s not in use but a hardcover cannot be used in the place of a fence.


Your spa, pump and equipment should all be regularly checked to ensure it is in good condition. A spa with no pump is just a bath, and that’s no fun at all – not to mention unhygienic!


Young children can get themselves into dangerous situations, especially when they’re around water. It’s vital that anytime a young child is near your spa, they’re closely supervised by an adult and within arm’s reach.


Knowing CPR can save lives. It’s recommended that spa owners should be trained in CPR and have resuscitation skills. Remember, if someone gets into a dangerous situation phone 000 (AU) or 111 (NZ).

Following these simple steps will help keep your spa safe for the whole family. Allowing you to relax and enjoy its benefits!

*Each State, Territory and Region in Australia and New Zealand has its own laws regarding spa (and pool) fencing, so check with your local council.

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